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NOTE: The "CCAPP STATE CERTIFICATION" portion of the dual credential is pending renewal.  Call for specifics. 

The Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselors was established as a 501C3 non-profit corporation in 2002 with the purpose of training and certifying Drug, Alcohol & Addictions Counselors in accordance with Biblical Christian principles.

ACADC Institute Introduces
The Best of Both Worlds!

Have you ever desired to be a drug & alcohol counselor but want to stay true to your Christian beliefs?
Be professional without compromise!

Introducing Our All - New Dual Credential

  • Become a State-certified drug, alcohol & addiction counselor
  • Become a Christian drug, alcohol & addiction counselor (CDAAC)
ACADC is a proud education providers for CCAPP

Biblically-based, Spirit-led Classes Are Being Offered Year-round, Start Anytime!

Better Education, Greater Opportunities

Offers Dual Credentials
CDAAC Christian Certificate & CCAPP State Approved Certification

ACADC is an approved education provider for NAADAC, RAS Credential and CCAPP Credential.

ACADC is BIA and CCAPP Accredited education provider
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Compliant With Tap 21 Counselor Training Guidelines

ACADCI College of Addiction & Biblical Studies offers tracks to Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral programs in Addiction & Biblical Studies with professional tracks, and is an educational provider for the Breining Institute and for CCAPP, to prepare you in becoming Substance Abuse Counselor, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor - Working in partnership with other Certifying Organizations, ACADCI offers Dual Certificates that qualify in both Faith-Based Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselor Competencies as well as SAMHSA TAP 21 Counselor Competencies - ACADC is also an Education Provider (#705) for National Association for Addiction Professionals, NAADAC.


  • Complete The Education Requirement For State Certified Substance Abuse & Addiction Counselor In As Little As 6 Months
  • Complete Our Christ-centered College Program In 52 Weeks Leading To Our Bachelor Of Biblical Addictions Counseling And CDAAC Certificate

How Do Faith-based Recovery Outcomes Compare With Disease Model Recovery Outcomes?

Mission & Resources overview

  • The Mission

    To teach evidence-based Truth about what brings about the highest recovery outcomes. To train and equip counselors and addiction professionals with time-tested knowledge,attitudes and skills proven to overcome addictions and change lives.

  • CEU's Now Available Online
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We aim to provide students with an excellent education

For counselors who desire to understand addiction counseling from a biblically consistent worldview



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