ACADC Accredited Christian Treatment Programs

Why choose an Accredited Christian Treatment Program?

The ACADC Institute is an ICE Accredited academic provider with a goal to train treatment facility managers to build and operate their facility as a spiritual/emotional hospital approaching all client problems with a Biblical perspective. The Biblical world view approach to treat addiction and a secular world view approach are literally worlds apart.

ACADC Institute educates, trains and equips Treatment Facility Directors to operate under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. No man or woman is gifted enough to deliver true freedom through personal knowledge alone. Divine intervention is a necessary component.

The instigator of addiction practices is spirit and spiritual problems require a spiritual solution. You will never effectively resolve a spiritual problem with a carnal solution.

A Christian can find some level of help in most treatment facilities but the ability to experience true freedom, peace and joy comes from willingness to revisit hand-in-hand, the root causes of the self destructive behaviors.

There are cause and effect factors at play here with absolute definable causes for manifesting behaviors. People are living within the effects of something caused by someone else. These instigating factors must be exposed, disclosed, disposed of and the wounds they caused healed.

There is only One able to accomplish this much needed task. He is Jesus, the Great Physician, and stands by ready, willing and able. He is the giver of "free will" so He will most certainly not violate it. He must be invited into every aspect of the recovery process.

Accredited Programs

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