Required Textbooks

Required Textbooks for Counselor Certificate & Counselor Certification


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For students working on a Bachelor's in conjunction with their CDAAC credential all of the following textbooks are assigned to be read in their entirety. For students working only on their CDAAC, the reading list will be sent to you in your student packet and will give you the specific reading assignments for each book.

The Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible
by Charles F. Stanley $27.38

Counseling Through Your Bible Handbook
by June Hunt at $10.08

Chemical Dependency Counseling A Practical Guide 4th Edition
by Robert R. Perkinson $89.00

Christian Families in Recovery
by Dr. Robert Tucker, Dr. Stephanie Tucker $12.99

The Good Book and the Big Book: AA’s Roots in the Bible
by Dick B. $23.95

A Primer of Drug Action: A Concise, Non-Technical Guide to the Actions, Uses, and Side Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
by Robert M. Julien $18.05

Christ Centered Therapy
by Dr. Neil Anderson, Terry Zuehlke, Julianne S. Zuehlke $20.98

Complete the Anger Workbook
by Les Carter and Frank Minirith $11.55

God & Government
by Charles Colson PhD $10.19

Original Intent
by David Barton $8.63

Battlefield of the Mind
by Joyce Meyers $14.95

Prison Ministry: Understanding Prison Culture Inside and Out
by Lennie Spitale $11.04

The Bondage Breaker
by Dr. Neil Anderson $10.19

The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook, From Surviving to Significance
by Stephanie Tucker $16.99

Christian Counseling 3rd Edition
by Gary R Collins

Spiritual Gifts
by David Hocking- $10.00

The Discerning of Spirits: The Objective, Biblical Means to Discern Spirits
by Bob Dewaay ( please download handout online at

Relationships in the Image of God
by Donald M. Joy $10.39

Our Sufficiency in Christ
by John F. MacArthur $15.10

Attachments: Why You Love, Feel and Act the Way that You Do
by Tim Clinton, Ed.D and Gary Sibcy, Ph.D $10.87

Resolving Everyday Conflict
by Ken Sande $11.10

Love Must Be Tough
by James Dobson $10.19

Touching Godliness Through Submission
by K.P. Yohannon $10.16

Intimacy With the Almighty
by Charles Swindoll $9.99

Breaking Free: Discover the Victory of Total Surrender
by Beth Moore $6.00

Steps to Freedom in Christ
by Neil Anderson $4.99

Living in His Sufficiency
by Dr. Charles Stanley $4.00

by Richard Ganz $10.76

Deceptive Diagnosis
by David M. Tyler, Kurt P. Grady, and Ed Bulkley $9.31

Psychology and the Church DVD
by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon $15.00

Surviving in an Angry World by Charles Stanley
by Charles Stanley $8.99

Informational booklets pertaining to HIV/AIDS material at: CDC- Center for Disease Control booklet at:

Free SAMSHA Material at:

Free 12 Core Functions Material at:

Rev. 06/16

  • Module 1: Introduction to Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Counseling
  • Module 2: Alcoholism
  • Module 3: Basic Pharmacology
  • Module 4: Addiction Intervention
  • Module 5: Breaking the Power of Shame
  • Module 6: Family Systems
  • Module 7: Counseling Theories and Practice
  • Module 8: Anger Management
  • Module 9: Group Skills
  • Module 10: Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Module 11: Counseling Seniors
  • Module 12: Domestic Violence
  • Module 13: God & Government
  • Module 14: Mental Health & Psychiatric Counseling
  • Module 15: Counseling with Prisoners & Parolees
  • Module 16: Codependency
  • Module 17: Law, Ethics, and Morality
  • Module 18: Non-Substance Addictions
  • Module 19: Rejection and the Wounded Heart
  • Module 20: Crisis, Trauma and PTSD Counseling
  • Module 21: Aptitute & Spiritual Gift Inventory
  • Module 22: 12 Step/ 8 Beattitude Therapy
  • Module 23: Discerning Spiritual Conditions & Spiritual Intervention Through Prayer & Counseling in Breaking the Power of Addictions Prayer Clinic)
  • Module 24: Communication Skills
  • Module 25: Suicide Intervention
  • Module 26: Operating Recovery Programs
  • Module 27: Bonding, Relationships and intimacy
  • Module 28: Premarital Counseling
  • Module 29: Divorce & Separation
  • Module 30: Financial Stewardship
  • Module 31: Parenting
  • Module 32: Gender Differences
  • Module 33: Inferiority and Self-worth
  • Module 34: Overcoming Attachment Disorders
  • Module 35: Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Module 36: The Art of Submission
  • Module 37: Mid-Life Crises
  • Module 38: HIV/ AIDS and Sexually Transmitted and Communicable Diseases
  • Module 39: Multicultural Counseling
  • Module 40: Regulations governing the practice of Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Module 41: Alternative Lifestyles
  • Module 42: Intimacy with God
  • Module 43: 12 Core Functions, Tap 21 and DSM-IV
  • Module 44: The Art Of Surrender
  • Module 45: Intimacy with God & Practicing His Presence,being filled by Christ to battle Again
  • Module 46: Significant Issues for the field of Addiction Counseling
  • Module 47: Dangerous Belief Systems & Practices
  • Module 48: Living in the Sufficiency of God
  • Module 49: Conflict Resolution
  • Module 50: Avoiding the Therapeutic Pitfalls of the Modern Clinician I:
  • Module 51: Avoiding the Therapeutic Pitfalls of the Modern Clinician II:
  • Module 52: Professional and Spiritual Growth

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