Tuition & Fees


Christian Substance Abuse Counselor CSAC I - Fee $395

Christian Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Counselor Certificate (CDAAC)
155 hours of classroom or distance learning required for this Certificate - Tuition $2605

Christian Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Counselor Certificate (CDAAC) (applicants with transcripts meeting requirements must take both the CSAC I and CDAAC Exam – the fee for these exams are included in the tuition, and provide proof of field exp. hours) - Contact office for tuition amount.

Reciprocity from another in-state certificate organization - (applicants with proof of certificate must take the CSAC I Exam – the fee for this exam is included in the certificate fee of $790

Dual Bachelor Degree and CDAAC Certificate Program - More studies but a savings of $500 over the tuition cost to you if you did them separately - Tuition: $3700.

Master level MDAAC – (Requires a professional or ministry degree and a written paper comparing and contrasting Faith Based and Secular Counselor Competencies), and an active CDAAC certificate – Certificate Fee: $395

Continuing EducationCourses : 40 CEU Packet $100, Individual CEU's are $10.00 per CEU

ACADC Institute College Charter Fee : $ 395 ( This fee also covers Continuing Education Provider Accreditation)

Renewal for any ACADC Certificates is $75.00 every 2 years plus 40 CEU's

Christian Counselor Supervisor (CCS) - Requirements:

  • Meet CDAAC requirements
  • Two (2) years (4,000 hours) of documented counseling experience
  • Three (3) references from employers or professional associates
  • Passing of the ACADC Christian Counselor Supervisor Oral Exam.
  • Submission of the $395 certificate fee (refundable only if the oral exam is not passed)

Transcript Review- $30

ACADC Institute College of Addiction Studies Charter and Administrator Certificate
Charter Fees determined by your level and type of training and experience. Call for details.

ACADC Institute CEU Provider Fee determined by your level and type of training and experience.

Certificates require a renewal every two years.  Renewal fees are as follows:

  • CSAC I Renewal - $75
  • CDAAC Renewal - $75
  • MDAAC Renewal -$75

Anger Management Instructor - One day workshop - Tuition: $395 / 40 hour course $790

Domestic Violence Prevention Instructor – One day workshop - Tuition: $395 / 40 hour course $790

Christian Marriage & Family Counselor Certificate (B.Min. with ACADC License) – Tuition: $2995

Parenting Instructor - One day workshop - Tuition: $395

Codependence Specialist/Instructor - 9 hour workshop - Tuition $395


  • Bachelor of Biblical Counseling - Tuition: $1595
  • Master of Biblical Addictions Counseling - Tuition: $2895
  • Doctor of Biblical Addictions Counseling - Tuition: $3895

Please Note!  Before we can accept your tuition fee and enroll you in a degree program, you must talk to an ACADC Education Counselor at (877) 478-5756 prior to mailing in this application form and tuition.

The non-refundable Registration fee of $395 covers the cost of your entrance inventory, CSAC I Certificate, 9 Hour Orientation Course and registration with ACADC Institute, registration fee is included for the Department of Alcohol and Drug Program CCAPP.

This degree program tuition rate is only for students in the United States.  The tuition rate is different for international campuses.

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