Theses & Dissertations

Theses & Dissertations

Theses and dissertations must be typed double space and use the rules found in the many Graduate School Thesis & Dissertation Writing Style Handbooks which can be downloaded without cost from the internet.

No less than 50 pages
Five chapter format may include preface as part of the page requirement and 1 full page photo, chart, graph illustration for each 10 pages of writing
Font size 11-12
Students must cite references from at least 25 different sources for the Master’s Thesis and 50 for the Dissertation, and prepare a complete bibliography citing all sources including author, title, publisher, date published and pages cited.

Theses & Dissertations should be written in the area in which the student feels the highest degree of personal calling.

Thesis and Dissertations must show forth patient and thoughtful work and be excellently written.

Note - If you are basing your dissertation on your experience in ministry, ( VI. This degree can also be earned by proof and verification of 4 or more years of fruitful Christian Ministry and a Dissertation project about your ministry.) we suggest the reference sightings come primarily through the scriptures; citing complete verse and address of scripture. You can also use any other materials you have read that helped you achieve your goals over the years. Also since we are looking for your fruitfulness of your ministry, you can write it from a first person perspective.