Certificate Education

ACADC offers dual credentials - the CDAAC Christian Certificate and CADTP State Approved Certificate.

This provides a well-rounded and comprehensive approach in preparing to work in the field of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Recovery!

Are you seeking a professional certificate that enables you to work in the field of drug and alcohol recovery, but desire to do so from a Christian perspective? ACADC holds the solution and all the requirements to set you on the course to success, without compromising your belief systems.

ACADC teaches the necessary 315 hour academic requirement to qualify for the IC&RC exam. ACADC working in conjunction with CADTP will provide the state-certification necessary to be professionally qualified to work in the professional field of alcohol and drug recovery.

The CADTP is Nationally Accredited (NCCA)

State Authorized (ADP) Certification
ACADC is an approved education provider for CADTP, NAADAC, Breining and is a BIA Accredited education provider.

CDAAC Christian Certificate

The CDAAC certificate is an ICE, Certificate of Excellence that assures employers that a solid counselor education and equipping has been provided. The curriculum goes ABOVE and BEYOND the baseline AOD counselor curriculum, and additionally prepares students with a biblical worldview of addiction treatment. The CDAAC has a progressive set of certificates that can be obtained through the different criteria explained.

Steps to earn the CDAAC Christian Certificate and the CADTP State Certification

The student pursuing a State of CA approved certification will need, in addition to the CDAAC, to complete an internship within a CA DHCS licensed or certified treatment facility and pass the state approved IC&RC exam.  The following are required:

  1. Successfully complete the CDAAC Certificate requirements (315 academic hours and a passing score on the CDAAC test) and receive the CDAAC certificate.
  2. Complete the required 9 hour basic bundle course and receive a passing score on the exam. This includes Professional and Ethical Standards of Case Management (3 hours); HIPAA, Privacy Rule and Confidentiality of Client Records (3 hours); and Analyzing Multiple Relationships between Counselor and Client (3 hours).
  3. Register with CADTP prior to beginning your internship.  Click here for the CADTP registration package.
  4. Complete the required 2080 hours of work experience (must be completed in a licensed or certified AOD treatment facility).  The person signing off on these hours must be a state licensed or certified AOD counselor or licensed professional.
  5. Complete the required 255 hour AOD field practicum. (must be completed in a licensed and certified AOD treatment facility). The person signing off on the practicum hours must be a state licensed or certified AOD counselor or licensed professional in a supervisor position.
  6. Pass the IC&RC ADC exam.

Transfer credit can be granted on the basis of courses reflected in sealed transcripts received from other educational institutions. Call for additional information. A $30 fee will be charged for transcript review.

To register, the student must fill out and submit a completed registration form

In all methods of training, in order to receive the professional CDAAC Certificate and the CADTP Certification, a passing grade must be received on both the ACADC "CDAAC" and CADTP "IC&RC" Exams.

CSAC I Requirement

The student must register with ACADC and pay the entrance exam fee of $395.00 and complete the CSAC I Entrance Inventory. To register, the student must fill out and submit a completed registration form and enroll to take the CSAC I Exam (included in the registration form). This exam is both our entrance inventory and our entry level certificate to be used under authorized supervision in a treatment facility. It is designed to let us know that you can counsel from a Christian worldview. This exam is not a pass/fail. It is designed to show us your level of spiritual understanding and let us know that you have a healthy Christian worldview. If it appears to the inventory examiner that you need help in order to better understand certain principles, you will be contacted by an education counselor who will teach you the important areas one must be aware of to hold a Christian worldview as a counselor. Additionally you will be registered as an intern with California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals.

Begin attending required CDAAC classes to meet the 315 hour classroom requirement

315 classroom hours pertaining to alcohol and others drug (AOD) classes are required. You can begin to attend classes at one of our institute location. If you have prior education, we will evaluate your transcripts and let you know what we can approve and what courses you will still need to take in order to meet all ACADC and CADTP requirements.

CLICK HERE for the CADTP registration package
Educational Counseling and Progress Accountability

Each student must schedule a counseling appointment with an ACADC Education Counselor or Administrator who will initiate a training progress file to track each student and make sure that all ACADC education and practicum requirements are met which include the following:

  • Take and pass the CSAC I Entrance Inventory
  • Complete the 9 hour AOD Basic Bundle course and receive a passing score on the exam. This must be successfully completed before starting an internship.
  • Complete the 315 hour academic requirement.
  • Affidavit verifying completion of 255 hours of AOD field practicum / or beginning the process of obtaining these required hours.
  • Affidavit verifying completion of 2080 hours of paid or volunteer work experience / or beginning the process of obtaining these required experience hours.
Required Fees for Dual Certificate Program
  • Registration: $395.00 (due upon registration)
  • Academic: $2605.00

A six month payment plan is available if needed.

Please Note: The final test and CADTP portfolio/membership fee are not included in the above figures. The student has five years to complete the process and will be required to pay for annual renewals and the final test fee at the time the test is scheduled.

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