Christian Drug Rehab

New Life Spirit Recovery - Orange County

New Life Spirit Recovery is a faith based Christian drug rehab for men and women located in beautiful Huntington Beach, Orange County California (Surf City) since 2004. New Life Spirit Recovery is an internationally renowned treatment program that is one of the original pioneering Christian Treatment Centers. All counselors are ACADC graduates. Our treatment program is 100% clinically compliant to state requirements, while using a spirit-led, grace-centered process that leads people away from destructive behaviors towards a new way of life. We treat the whole person — body, soul and spirit— understanding that each area is affected by an addiction and must be included in the treatment program. Those struggling with addictive behaviors aren’t bad people. There are tangible reasons why they do what they do and there is an absolute solution to the problem.  Driven by a belief that identifying the root causes of behavior gives the best chance of permanently stopping the addiction, we spend a substantial amount of time creating a personalized treatment plan that helps identify and properly process through those instigating issues.

As a professional Christian drug rehab, men and women don’t just get “clean & sober” but claim a higher purpose and plan for their future, their families and their relationships. We care deeply about seeing lives restored, families healed, and futures reclaimed in the name and power of Jesus.   Don’t let addiction rob your purpose and destiny – call us today for a confidential, free consultation. We are here to support, encourage and provide resources to help you make a life-altering decision to get help!  We can help with an intervention if needed and we also specialize in Codependence treatment with 30/60/90 day programs available.

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