CDAAC Requirements

The CDAAC - Christian Drug, Alcohol & Addictions Counselor Certificate requirements:

Anyone who wishes to earn a CDAAC Certificate may begin the ACADC Institute's 52 Module program at any time, even before completion of the CSAC I Entrance Inventory.

The CDAAC Program of 52 courses is $3000

The courses are continuous and are always ongoing so students can start at any time.

Call 877-478-5756 to register or fill out the application form on this website and mail it in to:
ACADC, PO Box 326,Yucaipa, CA 92399 with a check or money order made payable to ACADC, or pay through Paypal.

To Receive the CDAAC Certificate:
  1. Register & pass the entrance inventory.
  2. Complete the 315 hour academic requirement
  3. Pass the CDAAC exam
To Become a State Certified Counselor:

The student pursuing a State of CA approved certification will need, in addition to the CDAAC, to register with an agency currently approved by the State of California and satisfy their requirements as well at the ministry clinical requirements listed below.  Additionally, their internship must be completed within a CA DHCS licensed or certified treatment facility and pass the state approved final exam.  The following are required:

  1. Successfully complete the CDAAC Certificate requirements (315 academic hours and a passing score on the CDAAC test) and receive the CDAAC certificate.
  2. Complete the required 9 hour basic bundle course and receive a passing score on the exam. This includes Professional and Ethical Standards of Case Management (3 hours); HIPAA, Privacy Rule and Confidentiality of Client Records (3 hours); and Analyzing Multiple Relationships between Counselor and Client (3 hours).
  3. Complete the required 3000 hours of work experience (must be completed in a licensed or certified AOD treatment facility). Applicants with an Associate Arts Degree in Behavioral Science or allied health profession will require 2080 hours of work experience.  The person signing off on these hours must be a state licensed or certified AOD counselor or licensed professional.
  4. Complete the required 255 hour AOD field practicum. (must be completed in a licensed and certified AOD treatment facility). The person signing off on the practicum hours must be a state licensed or certified AOD counselor or licensed professional in a supervisor position.
  5. Pass the final exam.

Transfer credit can be granted on the basis of courses reflected in sealed transcripts received from other educational institutions. Call for additional information. A $30 fee will be charged for transcript review.

In all methods of training, in order to receive the professional CDAAC Certificate, a passing grade must be received on both the ACADC "CDAAC" and state required exam.

The student may register by printing out a copy of our registration form and mailing it with a check or money order in the amount of $395 to ACADC, PO Box 326, Yucaipa, CA 92399, or pay through Paypal.